On March 4th, 2012 Bloom had its very first Launch meeting with 7 people in Pastor Mike & Amanda’s living room and from there the heart and vision of Bloom started to form.  Over the next 12 months the launch team grew to 21 people and they focused solely on the heart, vision, & structure of a life-giving church.  A healthy foundation is key for the security and longevity of any organization especially a church. 

On March 3rd, 2013, with 21 people on our launch team,  Bloom Church had its very first service and from there birthed a community that is desperate to see people experience the life changing grace of Jesus and bloom into who they are created to be.  Now just six years later we are so humbled to see God move in such miraculous ways as over 1,600 people call Bloom Church home between our 2 campuses, over  3,000 people have committed their lives to Jesus, hundreds of families are in life groups across our city every week, and countless lives changed through a deeper walk with Jesus! As a church, we are excited about where God is taking us as we continue to see as many people as possible bloom into who they are created to be!

This is just the beginning as we know the best is yet to come!